How to Obtain License to Reproduce Man Ray Artwork, Images, Multimedia Content, etc.:

The Man Ray Trust owns the copyrights and all other moral and intellectual rights for virtually all artwork, writings and other productions of Man Ray during his lifetime. In addition, the Man Ray Trust holds worldwide trademarks on the Man Ray name and signatures. Copyrights owned by the Man Ray Trust are managed and monitored internationally by ADAGP(Societe des Auteurs Dans les arts Graphiques et Plastiques) and its affiliates. Please follow instructions below which vary according to intended use.


For reproduction in magazines, newspapers, books and other printed material:

    If you need loan of a reproducible copy of a Man Ray image:
    please go directly to the Telimage Man Ray Image Archive, which is linked for permissions to ADAGP and sister organizations. Please note that while the Image Archive physically possesses several thousand of the most recognizable Man Ray images available for reproduction, at this time less than 1/3rd of this archive is searchable online. When you search the site click on command, an order and request for authorization form will be brought up. You must fill this whole form out and click send. If the image you seek does not show up in your search, please request by description (if possible including a reference to where the image has been published) or by sending a fax, photocopy or JPEG of the image to Telimage. Contact

    If you already have a suitable copy of the image and only need to request permission for reproduction: please contact ADAGP.
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For reproduction on Television, CD or DVD-Rom, World Wide Web, Video or other multimedia:


To license images of Man Ray artwork for use in mass market products or major advertising campaigns:

To license images of Man Ray art for manufacture of limited edition or specialty products:

  • Please follow instructions as above for reproduction in magazines, newspapers, etc.



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